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A Celebration?

As he suggests this to Titania, he imagines floating trays of champagne, dark mead and various other drinks, both alcoholic and non, and as he imagines them, they appear. Next, Loki imagines music fit for a royal ball, and as he hears it it becomes real, filling the air, just loud enough to be heard and enjoyed, but not loud enough to offend. Next a long table appears, set for dinner with sparkling crystal, ornate silver and delicate china. Trays of food float into view as if borne by invisible servants.

[addressing everyone, speaking loud enough to catch their attention] Folks, since we're here in this beautiful setting, I thought a little celebration might be in order. And since this world is shaped by our thoughts and wishes, this party can be whatever we want it to be. Let's have a good time while we can, for who knows where we'll be tomorrow?

[turns to the Queen, holds out his hand, bows low] It would be an honor to escort milady anywhere she wishes. To the dance floor, perhaps? Or the dinner table? Or, if she were so inclined, to the coat closet? [wolfish grin]
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I will turn myself to thee. Perhaps thou might'st make me a surprise.
With a wave of his hand, Loki conjurs a door off to the side, away from the main celebration.

My only wish is to please, milady.

Opens the door and motions the Queen to precede him into the room. Once inside, it becomes clear that this is not the usual coat closet, but has been created for luxury and comfort. Coats, cloaks and wraps do hand neatly along one wall, but the rest of the room is all thick, soft carpet, plush furniture and richly colored artworks.

[with a smile that lights his eyes] In here, the most private fantasies of her Grace may be fulfilled, if she wishes. And if she grows weary of being treated as a Queen I can certainly oblige - she has but to think of her desire and it will be met.
And what if she knows not her desires?
If that be the case we shall have to start with mine, milady.
Then do so.
At the Queen's prompting, Loki changes form, taking on the shape of a giant black and red constrictor, at least a foot around nearly 20 feet in length. He coils around Titania's legs, pinning her with gentle force as he slithers up her body. When his diamond-shaped head is level with her, he looks into her eyes and issues a hiss, inside which are words.

If the lady wishes I shall change her form as well, though I would not assume control over another's shape unless asked to do so.
[She runs a slender finger up the snake's body, ending under his chin.]

This form is as pleasing as any. I will remain with it.
Ah, so it's a challenge, is it? I accept.

The snake dissolves into thousands of small spiders, which skitter all over the Queen and into her dress. When the voice is heard, it seems to be coming from all of them. It sounds like they're talking to each other.

What shall make the lady remove her clothing? She is a Queen, and perhaps as such she may be unaccustomed to the indignities of life in the dirt. Crawling pests, vile and nightmarish to some, may encourage her to pull her dress from her body in horror. However, she is Fae, and are they not the keepers of all life, from the most noble of beasts to the smallest and the least? Methinks a swarm of spiders shall not phase this one. But we shall see.
Thou art quick to claim "challenge." I speak simply, and thy heart turns immediately to slight.

The Queen's clothes remain where they are.
If you wish to see the cause of my challenging nature, we have only to change the room a bit.

Loki reforms into himself, and at the same time the room changes. Now they are in a dimly lit cave, the walls damy and covered with moss in places. Three flat boulders stand before them, their surfaces not more than knee height. The floor around them is littered with scraps of intestines and drops of blood.

This is a replica of the pit in which Laufey's son was imprisoned for the last few millennia. My friends, my family, brought me here when they grew tired of my teachings. [grins] But it was Odin's own ravens who freed me. The old man forgets their nature, but I forget nothing. I convinced my wife Sigyn to summon the ravens and kill the snake. Upon being offered a freshly killed meal, they did what any ravens would do, and consumed the snake entirely. When they had red me of the poisonous serpent they detected the scent of old carrion, and determined the nature of my bonds. I was tied down with Fenris's entrails, and they had been well seasoned with the damp air and the passage of time. Thought and Memory once again gave in to their base nature and tore into my son's guts like they were dessert. When I was free, I suggested they give their master a wide berth for a while and they opted to travel to this place with me.

Loki waves his hand and the Queen is placed on the boulders, tied in place with chains. The dim light in the room disappears, and somewhere in the pitch dark can be heard the slow dripping of liquid onto stone.

Imagine spending thousands of years in this position, lady. The true challenge is becoming something resembling yourself again.

There is quiet in the room for a few seconds as he ponders what to do next.

Oh yes, and for the duration of my imprisonment, I was stripped bare and made to weather the cold and damp in my own skin.

Another gesture, unseen in the dark, and the Queen's dress dissolves like water.
Thy impertinence is indeed exceedingly great. I have neither called "challenge," nor mused on thy nature, and yet thou holdest me naked against rock.

[Her glare turns murderous.]

What then? Am I to be reavish'd before the eyes of my lord? Or perhaps without his audience so that he would not believe my shame?

I rule not in Valhalla, have no say in Odin's court. I command neither raven nor Valkyrie. What, then, woulds thou have me do? What might I have done?
Milady, you are not held against your will. You have only to desire freedom and it is yours. The place we find ourselves in molds itself to the wishes of each visitor. This setting is only what I have imagined into being, and you may undo it at any time.

Nor have I touched you once since setting you in chains and removing your dress. In the darkness I am denied even the sight of you. The next move is yours, milady. Free yourself or not, as you wish. Take yourself out of this chamber or stay, and I will follow.
Then I end this. I play this game no longer.
If that is your desire.

Loki waves his hand and the cave walls dissolve, placing them back in the opulently furnished room they began from.

In the beginning you suggested that you did not know your own desires. I felt that was an impossibility, as every Queen must know her own heart and mind. However, perhaps you have given your will over to Oberon so fully as to be helpless and confused when you venture forth without him. It is a profound shame to observe.

[sighs] Ah well, stay in this chamber or leave it as you will. Myself, I believe I shall return to the party.

Loki turns and starts for the door leading out of the comfortable coat closet and back into the new Universe.