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Displaced Myths: Where legends come to life.

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A dressing room-style RP community for characters from myths, legends, and fairy tales.




In a place quite seperate from reality, the amazing beings depicted in various stories of old sometimes appear to mingle and commiserate. Their power is infinite in this world, and anything can happen. Their surroundings can have a variety of forms and produce any object, and sometimes do so against their inhabitants' will.

This community is a dressing room-style game, which means that there's no applications and that there's no limit on how many versions of each character are present.


Characters from fairy tales, fables, folktales, or mythology are all welcome. This includes familiar characters like Cinderella or the Big Bad Wolf in addition to more obscure varieties, like Bluebeard or Princess Kaguya, as well as many pantheons of gods and traditional folk heroes, like Artemis, Anansi, Johnny Appleseed, or even Big Foot. Mythological creatures, like fairies or ogres, are also applicable, as well as talking animals.

Various interpretations of characters are permitted, like modern, genderswapped, or darker versions, though Disney versions or others based on recent media should probably be in a fandom setting. For the most part however, the definition of "folktale" can be stretched pretty thin.


Be courteous to other players, don't godmod, and have fun! If you need to contact a moderator for assistance, comment here. If you'd like to introduce yourself to the other players, we have an optional OOC community at displacedooc.


disney_dress. Because princesses rule.
If you'd like to be our affiliate as well, comment on the mod contact post!

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