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Mar. 25th, 2010

direct smaller


(no subject)

...This isn't the North.

Oct. 25th, 2009


(no subject)

Mary was really looking forward to Halloween this year. Halloween meant people would play her game and she liked that. A lot.

People like playing my game this time of year and when people play the game that means more victims for me... err more fun for me to have. [pauses for a moment] Yeah that's it.

[ooc: she's kind of in a mood today. forgive her.]

Oct. 15th, 2009

broccoli monster


A Celebration?

As he suggests this to Titania, he imagines floating trays of champagne, dark mead and various other drinks, both alcoholic and non, and as he imagines them, they appear. Next, Loki imagines music fit for a royal ball, and as he hears it it becomes real, filling the air, just loud enough to be heard and enjoyed, but not loud enough to offend. Next a long table appears, set for dinner with sparkling crystal, ornate silver and delicate china. Trays of food float into view as if borne by invisible servants.

[addressing everyone, speaking loud enough to catch their attention] Folks, since we're here in this beautiful setting, I thought a little celebration might be in order. And since this world is shaped by our thoughts and wishes, this party can be whatever we want it to be. Let's have a good time while we can, for who knows where we'll be tomorrow?

[turns to the Queen, holds out his hand, bows low] It would be an honor to escort milady anywhere she wishes. To the dance floor, perhaps? Or the dinner table? Or, if she were so inclined, to the coat closet? [wolfish grin]

Oct. 11th, 2009

broccoli monster


At first he isn't there...

...and then he is, shifting into the visible spectrum as he walks. On each of his shoulders sits a large raven, glancing around and looking as suspicious as it's possible for birds to look.

Looks around for others, begins walking in their direction.

Nice Universe you've got here. Anyone in need of a good set of ravens? I'd like to keep the set together, they really do function better that way. However, I'm looking to unload them fairly quickly. Thought and Memory, anyone? Thought and Memory, free to a good home.

He's average height, maybe a little taller. Blonde hair that flashes a reddish tint in the sun, and sparkling blue eyes full of good humor. Fairly young-looking, maybe in his early thirties, he's a good looking man but not one who would stand out in a crowd. He wears a pair of black jeans, a red t-shirt and a black leather jacket with a red symbol on the back, almost like a mariner's compass but without the directions included, and its arms are of equal length. The ravens continue glancing around, shifting and preening, almost as if they're upset at finding themselves here, wherever HERE is.

Oct. 10th, 2009


(no subject)

[There's a shiver in the air, as if it was trying to form a shape. After a few more moments of the unnerving sight of nothingness trying to become somethingness it produces a figure that is more or less human. Two arms and two legs, anyway, and the appropriate number of digits, and head and feet on the proper ends.

But still. There is something implacably... off. Its spidery fingers are a bit too long and thin, and even though its face is covered, the expression it bears is still somehow hungry. A mask covers where, approximately, its face should be, but there's only emptiness behind the eye-holes
. Despite its movement, it still only feels almost alive.

It pauses, twisting its head this way and that; an animal gesture. Tasting the air.]

Riddle, riddle: not quite Faerie, and not quite Terra. Where, then, is here? A wound between worlds. I sit me on a scab, perhaps, 'twixt the two.

Come thee hither than, thou wandering souls that haunt this place, and greet a poor lost fairy. What fun we'll have.

Oct. 6th, 2009

carefree | ray of light


(no subject)

[Persephone is walking through a lovely field by herself, collecting flowers. She appears to favor the daffodils.]

The weather is always so nice here...



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