nikitanopants (nikitanopants) wrote in displacedmyths,

A Celebration?

As he suggests this to Titania, he imagines floating trays of champagne, dark mead and various other drinks, both alcoholic and non, and as he imagines them, they appear. Next, Loki imagines music fit for a royal ball, and as he hears it it becomes real, filling the air, just loud enough to be heard and enjoyed, but not loud enough to offend. Next a long table appears, set for dinner with sparkling crystal, ornate silver and delicate china. Trays of food float into view as if borne by invisible servants.

[addressing everyone, speaking loud enough to catch their attention] Folks, since we're here in this beautiful setting, I thought a little celebration might be in order. And since this world is shaped by our thoughts and wishes, this party can be whatever we want it to be. Let's have a good time while we can, for who knows where we'll be tomorrow?

[turns to the Queen, holds out his hand, bows low] It would be an honor to escort milady anywhere she wishes. To the dance floor, perhaps? Or the dinner table? Or, if she were so inclined, to the coat closet? [wolfish grin]
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